Alex Birnie

Alex Birnie

Alex Birnie has had around seventy songs recorded by country music artists in America, Ireland, UK & Europe. He is currently working with Springbarrel in Nashville.




Freedom Train

Great Shape And High Class (see comments below)


Sun Sand Sea And Se├▒oritas

Mama’s Gone

Coffee-Cup Dreams

But The Words Won’t Come

One By One

23 thoughts on “Alex Birnie

  1. Love the song Mama’s Gone! It reflects the emotion of everyone around the world about their mama. It is truly a great country song that could make it in the charts here in the United States or any other country for that matter. Great Work!

  2. Great to hear a British writer coming up with classic style country songs rather following down the contemporary Nashville route and creating material that’s akin to rock or pop. Keep up the good work.


    Another good song well written and great overall sound. Many thanks for the recent CDs you sent and continued airplay is guaranteed, Gerry Ford


    Congratulations on your song “Great Shape And High Class” Alex. It’s another winner!! Super production as well. All the best, Ronnie Ross.


    Brilliant track alex, i loved it on the first hearing. thats how i think songs should be judged. i love anything i’ve heard by you in fact. and i sicerely mean that.
    Walter cunningham

    • Walter. Don’t know if you’ll get this but here goes: You sent a CD to me back in 2002 while I worked at SESAC. Are you the same Walter Cunningham that was part of Texas Rose Records?


    Hi Alex,just listened to your song”Great Shape and High Class
    well it certainly is a high class song and good to see that it is
    the featured song,I hope you get a lot of reply’s it certainly
    deserves them,all the best Alex,regards Bill Stewart

  7. Hello Alex,
    Good to see that you are still writing classic songs, you were always a dedicated writer true to your craft. The one you penned for me ‘Living in the Fast Lane’ still receives regular airplay, it was in the JerryLee Lewis genre and proved to be a big one for me. I will be calling on you again as I love the tint of your Irish material. Kind regards, Tom Laverty

  8. Hi Alex,glad to see that you are still very much involved in Country Music
    the Irish and International Songwriters Seems to be quite a strong organization
    I don’t know if my songs would be strong enough for it,are you on f book it would
    be a way of being in touch and also to let you hear some songs I have some on sound cloud and it would be easy to connect with you,if you have the time you can drop me an email cheers meantime Alex, regards Bill.

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