Tony True

Tony True is from Ottawa, Canada,Tony True pic_HOF a professional singer, songwriter and entertainer since 1978.  He has written over 100 songs and had two of his own singles (You’re A Jukebox Junkie and Out Of My Misery) from his CD “What The World Doesn’t Know”  charted in the top 100 Canadian country singles in 1996.

Tony writes mostly country titles but as you will hear from songs like “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”  that he is not afraid of venturing outside his comfort zone of country music.

In recent years he has been diversifying by collaborating with writers in other styles of music such as rock and folk.

Whole Nine Yards

What Else Could I Do (with Lori True, Al Rozon and Ron Walton)

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (with Sherwood Lumsden)

Take Me For A Fool (with Sherwood Lumsden)

27 thoughts on “Tony True

  1. Lovely guitar sound great words to it music wise everything fits in perfectly, you would pack the dance floors with this song that’s for sure.
    Excellent work Tony


  2. The best western swing song I have heard in years. Well done Tony. Keep em coming. I’m bopping all around the place listening to this.
    Great song,

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