Cyndi Torres

Cyndi Limbaugh Torres is a native of Michigan but she has lived in the Nashville area since 1988. It’s that mix of Detroit Rock, Motown Soul and Southern Roots that has given her an eclectic sound as a songwriter.  “I try to write my heart out. Sometimes it’s messy and sometimes, hopefully, it’s beautiful.”

Her song “In Lonesome Dove” was a co-write with Garth Brooks and was included on his 3rd CD, Ropin’ The Wind.  She was a founding member of the Bluegrass Gospel group “Jordan’s Angels”, and received a nomination for Bluegrass Gospel Group of the Year from the Bluegrass Music Association International.

A Cold Place To Be


Don’t Make Me Laugh

Front Porch

Heartaches And Halos

I’ll Be The Rain


Jordans Angels

Just Another Hurt


My Old Man

Nothing Says It

One Step Away


The Fall

What Kind Of Kiss Was That?

Yellow Snow

You Show Me Yours

This Old Horse

This Getting Old Is Killing Me

Living In Neverland

It It What It Is

I Love You More

Breathe Easy

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