David MacKechnie

David MacKechnie“I’m sitting here this morning in Southern Oregon in our little house in the woods. It’s four-thirty, dark out and it’s raining. Life is, for me, exactly what it is supposed to be.

I started writing mostly pop-folk things with David Dillon… Met our life-long friend Eddie Beal who helped teach me and with him wrote a thing for Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. …Was introduced to Jerry Fielding whom in the years to follow would write songs for a number of movies scored by him…

Made a number of trips to Nashville and wrote without much success for Tree Music but really started to learn the craft of writing… returned to Los Angeles and was introduced to Kin Vassy who signed me as a staff writer at Kenny Rogers… Kenny recorded “The Farther I Go the Closer you Get”… Kin, Mark Beeson and I wrote “Phones Are Ringing” for Martina McBride

I still write lyrics nearly every morning as I have for fifty years, these days mostly long distance with good friends Kent Maxson, Michael Jarrett, Paul Douglas Wergley and David Sexton.  What a blessing, really great talents and the best of friends and, thanks to them, the songs are fine.”

Hang My Hat Somewhere

Woman For All Seasons

Something Old-Fashioned

Phones Are Ringing

Love Is A Hero

Timothy’s Guitar

Real Good Woman

Where My Hometown Went

Hero Enough For Me

Dancing Shoes

Gone Fishin’

Don’t Push The River

3 thoughts on “David MacKechnie

  1. One of the kindest, most generous souls I ever knew. Every visit, every songwriting session was filled with the joy and laughter and creativity of this man MaryKay and I were honored to call our friend.

  2. Hold on to your hat!
    It’s Lynn Gainor Parkinson in Southern California!
    Thoughts of you and Marie just popped in my head.
    Sounds like you realized some of your dreams!
    Get in touch. Would love to be in touch…
    We are in Newhall in Santa Clarita CA

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