Who are we and what do we do?

The ISG was formed with the intention of providing a platform for songwriters who write for the Irish market, with the intention of getting their music into wider markets. Our aim is to take songs which have proven popular in Ireland and introduce them to overseas
audiences. This will not only promote the writers skills but also the musicianship and vocal abilities of Irelands top performers. The ISG is owned and run by people, with years of experience in the industry, a wealth of experience to call on and a passion for music in all its forms.

Can anyone join?

The initial members of the ISG are all top songwriters who have written many hits and between them have sold millions of records. They set the standard. We want to promote excellence and anyone wishing to get involved needs to have material that can stand alongside the songs our members write.

If you have material strong enough to be pitched to our clients then we’d be happy to invite you to join us as an associate member. We want to encourage everyone who makes enquiries and we’ll help and work with new writers wherever possible. Although we are Irish and International Songwriters Guild, you don’t have to be Irish to join, this is Irish and country music in the sense of musical genre, not race.

What, how and where will the ISG promote its writers?

The ISG members have all had songs covered by top artists and between them, achieved huge success in the home markets. Their songs have been professionally recorded in top studios using the very best in producers, engineers and musicians and sung by the top singers inIreland. These are master quality recordings so when we come to pitch the songs to new markets, we will be pitching masters, not demos. We will also be pitching proven hit songs and any prospective client can check out the feedback for each track and also see the impact the individual songs have had on the home markets. Our marketplace extends beyond Ireland, with strong focus on America, Canada, Australia and mainland Europe. Furthermore, ISG wants to promote a notion of honesty and transparency.

There was recently a situation in which an artist known to us had recorded a number of songs for an album, only to find that some of the same songs had been recorded and were about to be released in the same territory simultaneously by another artist. Understandably they were upset both by the commercial damage and by the deceit of the pitcher. We will never knowingly contribute to this kind of double-dealing. If an artist asks for a song to be held, then it will not be pitched elsewhere without free and open discussion.

What about songwriter development?

We want to encourage all writers, no matter what level you are at. Just because you maybe don’t have hits now doesn’t mean you won’t have in the future! We are not A&R people, we don’t want to say no to anyone but all songs we work with have to be to a certain standard, otherwise we won’t be taken seriously by the international markets. As we intend to pitch only those songs that have been recorded to the highest standard, we are putting systems in place to help new writers reach this level.

We work with top producers and studios who agree to offer their services to members at special rates. These studios are aware of what we require so they will ensure that all recording are of the best quality, productions are well thought out and ready to be promoted.

If you have even the simplest of recordings on cassette CD or mp3, we can develop your ideas, but only properly produced songs will appear on the website.

What services does the ISG offer?

As well as song promotion on an international scale, we also have deals in place with industry professionals across the board, from recording to pressing, printing to playing. We will negotiate the best possible deals for our members so they can move forward as quickly and as easily as possible. Music is our passion, but we feel it must be treated as a business!.

What is the difference between member and associate?

Our MEMBERS are our core of established songwriters. ASSOCIATES are all other writers who wish to promote their work through ISG.

ASSOCIATES who become successful and established can be voted by members to MEMBER status at periodic reviews.

If you have a question, you can use the Comment box below or contact sean@irishsongwritersguild.com



33 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Kia ora, I am London Irish, living now in New Zealand, the other day I wrote a song which I felt was for an Irish Ballad group, I wrote lyrics and then the music came to me instantly and I felt I needed to share it with someone. I am very creative and I feel I have a gift in songwriting. I have no idea where to go from here? Could you give me direction please.
    go raibh maith agat
    Caroline McSharry

  2. I am a Celtic Singer/Songwriter with a band called Kailyarders. I’d be interested in reaching your Irish audience with a couple of my specific songs. Is there a way I could send them to be screened or evaluated for consideration?
    I’ve sent a few requests of this ilk but have not received a reply back.

    Anyways, cheers

  3. Hello,
    I was just wondering if someone would contact me in relation to placing a few songs through your website for possible synchronicity or placement those songs with other artists.
    Maybe I could join as a guest if my songs are good enough?
    I have included website address, so please have a look in your spare time and listen to it if you can.
    I am based in Lusk, Co.Dublin
    Kind regards

      • Every time I click on the envelope within the message my browser is just showing a google page with no email information

        Please send an email directly to the one I supplied and I will be able to answer you from there, this website is not working for me.

  4. Hi

    I am a songwriter, originally from dublin but now living in Meath. I guess I’ve been toying with the notion of taking my writing to a new level in order to get my songs heard. This organisation seems like it could work for me, even from the perspective of just getting good advice. Could you tell me if you are currently accepting members and if so what do I need to do to join.

    Kind regards


    • Hi,
      Please drop us a line to the email address provided. Our writers are definitely being heard and actively promoted all over the place! ISG.

    • Hi Collin, we try to be as open as possible, so if you write a note to sean@irishsongwritersguild.com we will happily arrange to have a listen.
      There are currently three categories of writers, these are established writers, guests and associates. Once we have an individual dialogue running with you, we’ll be able to discuss and decide how and where you may fit in. Thanks for your enquiry. ISG – Pete.

  5. I am an Irish-born (former showband) musician and songwriter living in Vancouver Canada. I have been on the Billy Dean Writers Block from years back. I have several songs I could pitch through your website and would like to do so. Can I get an email address to send a link to?


  6. Hi Guys,
    I am a songwriter, etc. in Nashville. I wrote for Warner in the 80’s, Wood was around there then, however took a hiatus shortly thereafter. I started back last year and have come back with a renewed vigor. I have and am currently writing with several top writers. I have been interested in getting songs heard in the international market and was excited when I found out about ISG. This seems to be a great idea especially for those of us that still write a lot of traditional country music. I am interested in becoming a part of your group. You may contact me at bob.pennington121@gmail.com or through my website…..http://2psproductions.com/

    Thanking you for your time,

    Bob Pennington

  7. I am an American, located in the US, looking for simple versions (a singer and a guitar, so to speak) of traditional Irish songs, such as “Grace” and “The Town I Loved So Well.” Although I realize that this is site is designed for songwriters, I was hoping that someone could direct me to musicians I can contact who may have a CD of their own recordings of traditional Irish ballads. Being that I’m not in Ireland, my access to independent musicians is severely limited. I had a CD from a young Irish musician years ago, who had been traveling through the US, but I cannot find the CD nor remember his name. iTunes has unfortunately cornered the market on almost all music, squeezing out the young independent artists who frequently, in my opinion, have fresh takes on the “old classics.”

    • Hi, we’ll get back to you soon with info for sure. You can, if you wish send an email to sean@irishsongwritersguild.comwhich which may speed things up a bit.
      Generally we use mp3s on the site. These can be emailed or sent via file transfers such as Dropbox, YouSendIt etc. We edit from full length and make any adjustments that may be needed. ISG

  8. HI I’m a songwriter from Ballybay in County Monaghan, looking for help in breaking into the songwriting market. I’ve add my Youtube channel to the post so you can have a listen. looking forward to hearing from you.


    Alex Watson

  9. Hi There im a songwriter from Dundalk Ireland and i’m looking to get my songs out there to be heard don’t know too much about your website just came across it but i posted a link to my soundcloud page.

    Would be interested in becoming a member, Thanks.


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