Amy Chenoweth

Amy Chenoweth Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Amy Chenoweth spent her early years singing in school plays and voice competitions. However, circumstances forced her to abandon stage and spotlight for the next twelve years of her life. Amy then turned her hand to poetry. After graduating from Indiana University, Amy moved to St. Louis, Missouri and then attended school for Ministry at Belmont University in Nashville. She picked up her brother’s old guitar  to see if she could put music to her poems and suddenly realized her love of songwriting, deciding,  to pursue it seriously. Amy spreads her message of hope and healing through not only her music, but has also been co-host of a television show called, Everything Beautiful, which focused on helping young women find their true worth and beauty. Amy’s music is raw, genuine and heartfelt. Song studies in life’s highs and it’s low moments. She writes from a place of transparency, honesty and vulnerability.

You’ll Have to Say Goodbye

Too Far Gone

New Cadillac

Different Kind of New

Time to Shine

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