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Billy ArrI’ve worn many hats since I moved to Nashville, (including some that didn’t fit too well). I’ve been a Recording Artist, a Songwriter, a Record Producer, a Record Label CEO, a Road Musician, an Artist Manager, a Booking Agent, and a Music Publisher. However, no matter the hat I was wearing, I was always and foremost a SONGWRITER. Fortunately, life as a songwriter has thus far never forced me to deliver pizza for a living.

I’ve had more than 800 songs demoed and published and, luckily, over 80 of them recorded. Some of my past “recorded” songs (both demos and masters) have included the voices of Major Artists such as Mel Tillis, Loretta Lynn, Faron Young, Mickey Gilley,Charlie Walker, Gene Watson, Freddie Hart, Martina, Johnny Paycheck, Linda Davis, Dave Dudley,The Kendalls, The Wilburn Brothers, Bobby Lord, Roy Rogers, Bobby Lewis, and others, including some major European, South American and Asian Artists.
Most recently I’ve had two songs recorded by Irish up and comer, Country Artist, Sean McAloon (aka Seany Mac). They’re on his latest album, entitled “Why” and “The Tears in Mama’s Eyes”. He has also scheduled a third song of mine to record entitled “Read ‘Em and Weep”.
I’ve been lucky enough to travel a good part of this old world acting as either the opening act, front man, keyboard player and/or road manager for the Stars.
LUV Y’ALL, Billy


A Night With Me

Another Place He’s Been

Don’t Say You Know How I Feel

I’d Rather Hear a Lie

If The Whole World Loved Baseball

I’ll Walk Out Before I Crawl

Look of Love


Never Cared For Mornins

Present Frame of Mind

Read ‘Em and Weep

8 thoughts on “Billy Arr

  1. Hi Billy,
    I ran into information regarding your location. I am in abd out pi f Nashville, as still being based in NC. I am currently working with a new Artist that is showing me a great potential, as singer/ songwriter. Problem us, he doesn’t have many original tunes for recording purposes. The tunes that I have reviewed that are his originals are very nice. I have been scouting around for a few other tunes for consideration to compile an album for presentation to review his talent possibly in Nashville when I thought of you. I want to get him a showcase together as soon as possible. He is very attractive and also serious about a career in country and I want to add country rock or lite Rock to his style. I would like some input from you. I would love for you to meet him if possible. I understand that you are not in Nashville, but in occadionally? I too, would love to hear from you. Please let me know if you are still working with New
    Artist. I have my office in my residence here and had been only keeping my website with my business on the Antique/auction
    business in North Carolina, and working part time with music clients. If you are available for comments, let me know and I can provide you “cover tunes” recorded
    by the Artist, Drew Dulaney that I am referencing in this text. Hope everything is great with you and yours.

  2. Hi Billy Arr,

    I can remember exchanging views with you about the current Music Scene
    something we were both very up beat about. I cant remember the web site
    but that doesn’t matter.

    Your song ” I’d Rather Hear A Lie” is the kind of ballad I enjoy, it has a lot of truth in it and many people can identify with it.

    I will look in from time to time when we are searching for new material,
    I’m assuming it has not had a major release at this time.

    Best Wishes Peter Wood-Jenkins P.J.Xanadu Music Publishing M.C.P.S.


    • Peter, that song was recorded (on an album) by Sean McAloon of Ireland and, at the time, he was on an Independent Label there. So, I would say NO, there has been no release of that song to the World’s General Public thusfar. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Thanks to the ISG. You’ve done a Fantastic job of audio balancing and lineup of the Titles. Thanks again. I’m honored to be part of this effort. Best of Luck to all of us.

    • Thanks Billy and welcome aboard. We are trying to do things in a slightly different way here, let’s hope that we can all move forward together. I do a little bit of levelling out of the tracks as part of the process of trimming to shortened demo versions. Nice to know that it is noticed and appreciated. ISG (Pete)

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