Nick Nichols

Nick Nichols

A professional musician, entertainer and songwriter for around 25 years, Nick Nichols diverse styles of writing include country, pop, positive and contemporary Christian, some R & B and jazz.

“I spend most of my time performing and also sharing my Christian faith in churches, through song and ministry.”


Back In Love Again (co-written with Ken Grant)

Back In Love Again (co-written with Ken Grant) Sung by Sean McAloon and Lisa Stanley

Air Supply

Steppin’ On My Heart (This song is on hold – ISG.)

Eyes Wide Open (This song is on hold – ISG.)

Out of My Lonely Mind (This song is on hold – ISG.)

All I Wanna Do Is Love You

Childhood Christmas

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Hero (This song is on hold – ISG.)

I Am Music (This song is on hold – ISG.)

Living to Love Him

Livin’ In God’s Grace

Love Awaits  (This song is on hold – ISG.)

Move On

Sundown (This song is on hold – ISG.)

That’s Where You Are (This song is on hold – ISG.)

We Belong Together

You Talked Me Into It

14 thoughts on “Nick Nichols

  1. When “Back In Love Again” played on our Featured Song page recently, it attracted many comments. These have been moved to this location. ISG.

  2. “Back In Love Again”
    One quality brilliant duet with a great song. What to say I’m proud of you, Sean! God bless you.

  3. “Back In Love Again”
    Me parece que este duo es impresionante y creo que llegaran a ser grandes del country.
    (I think that this duo is awesome and I believe that they will become famous in country music.)

  4. “Back In Love Again”
    I have just recently heard Sean for the first time. This is actually my second time hearing him sing. He has such a wonderful & very intriguing voice. And this is the first time I actually heard Lisa’s voice. She also has a wonderful & intriguing voice. “LOVE THEM BOTH.” They make “THE PERFECT DUET!!!” And…I just Loooooove this song!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. “Back In Love Again”
    I’ve been watching young McAloon for a year now and I have to say he is one of the most talented young singers ever to come out of Ireland.Hit after hit over the last 12 months and all original songs. I’ve never seen the like of it in the history of Irish country music.His latest single,”Back In Love Again “duet with Lisa Stanley is another sure winner. McAloon is an international recording star just waiting to be let loose on an international audience.

  6. “Back In Love Again”
    Really beautiful song, Sean. I love it! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to hear it today.

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