Pete Kennedy

Pete Kennedy

Raised along the Irish countryside with a family of five brothers, Pete Kennedy initially used his music as a way of supporting his wife and daughters and with increasing confidence he played in pubs all across the UK. Major international recognition of his musicianship has since followed

His Irish ballads are the perfect compliment to American country music, turning Pete into a something of a sensation in the making and a shoo-in for the CMAs. Without question, his music will make you reach for the “repeat” button, with songs like “I Am the One,” “Yellow,” and “Love You Anyway,” all having received recognition both in the states and CMA and in the UK.

Crazy Country Girl

Do What’s Right

Do You Take This Girl

Find My Way

I Am The One

I Dreamed

Love Like That

Love You Anyway

This Time

Time Of Your Life

Without You


You See Me

4 thoughts on “Pete Kennedy

  1. Hi Peter,
    I hope you are well.
    I am a Jim Reeves fan.
    I have just recorded twelve Jim Reeves songs for release next year.
    I would like to get a song of my own, do you have anything.
    Thank you,
    Oliver Hayden.
    086 8700166

  2. Pete: I see you’ve had some success … I am trying to put together a story on the irish songwriters guild. I can’t afford to interview via phone from here to ireland (I’m a freelancer), but I am interested in your views. Do you have time to do an email conversation?

  3. Hi Pete,

    Nice songs and keep doing what you are doing, very enjoyable tracks

    will see you up the road sometime.

    Peter Wood-Jenkins Publisher/Songwriter/Performer

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