Mary O’Brien

“I grew up in Chicago and was taught many styles of singing and playing. I sing mainly Jazz and blues which was very popular at the time.My dad RIP was a sax player. I write country, country rock, blues,  jazz, folk and pop.

I have a seven piece jazz band covering all the jazz classics and I have been writing a lot in that style lately.

I’ve had over 200 songs recorded by other artists,  then covered by others so it’s hard to know how many people I have written for!

Writing comes naturally to me. I can not go a full day without writing songs, stories, poems; it really doesn’t matter as long as I can write. I also work part time as a music therapist, with people who find it hard to communicate because of mental health problems.The change music can bring has to be seen to be believed. As Stevie Wonder once said  “Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.”

A Country Girl At Heart

Imperfectly Perfect

No Song To Write

On Our Wedding Day

The Beautiful Coastline Of Galway

The Gift Of Friends

Twelve Red Roses

Waltzing With You Tonight

Golden Memories

Mother’s Footsteps

When I Lay Me Down

Who Cares

4 thoughts on “Mary O’Brien

  1. Hi Mary,

    Your Lovely song “When I Lay Me Down” has meaningful words, that mean a lot to people from all walks of life. and it’s set to an appropriate sweet melody.

    I’m Also a Mick Flavin Fan.

    Sincerely Peter Wood-Jenkins

    • Thanks for listening to this song.A lot of the credit goes to Mick Flavin.He is a lovely man and so easy to write for.He shows every writer respect for the work they do.Thanks Tony for your comment.You just made my day.

  2. “When I Lay me Down” is the story of Micks Flavin’s life. He is a great man and the easiest man I’ve ever written for because he makes each song his own.

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