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    • Hi John,
      The ISG is primarily a service which connects songwriters and artists together, pitches songs and acts as a support structure for writers around the world. We don’t offer publishing at the moment, although there are plans in place to incorporate a publishing arm into our parent company ISG Music Group Ltd. If you feel that you have songs that will be of interest to others, then please email to the address at the bottom of the page to discuss this further. Many thanks. ISG.

  1. Hi Mr. Stegall, I’m a songwriter and do a lot of co-writing with David Lindsey. We make professional demoes in Nashville. I’m interested in joining. I appreciate your time. Patricia Kearley

    • Hi Patricia, this note doesn’t go directly to Bob Stegall, but does come to the ISG. If you’re interested in discussing the ISG further, please write to the email address at the bottom of the page.
      Many thanks.

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