Rodney Miller

A Champion for the People’s Music.

I began writing songs with lyrics that made a connection to audiences much like
my musical influences.

With songs like: I Made Choices in life, Like a Song and Until We Come Together, I
wrote songs about love, peace, hope, inspiration, heartbreak, healing and lost love.
It was important for me to be able to connect with song lovers of different
experiences, backgrounds and musical genres.

I performed at legendary venues such The Apollo
Theater and Cami Hall in New York. Taking my love for music to another level, I
became a publisher and started MY own Publishing company called All Peoples Publishing/ascap.

Hard work continued to pay off, my songs continue to get played worldwide
and have been recorded by Nashville singer and actor Ramsey Kearney.
The label CMG Records Nashville also had success with MY song Daddy’s Little Girl.
With 13 years of experience as a songwriter, I’ve honed the craft and
continue to focus on songs with inspirational melodies and moving lyrics.

Bad Boy

The Love Of Family

Ordinary Woman

Country Boy At Heart

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