T. J. Kirby

T.J. Kirby is a Nashville Songwriter from Atlanta with songs recorded by Alan O’Day, Rebecca May, Kris Cummins, Lynn Easterly, Cristy Lane, Tommy Roe, Kathy Ford, Livzi, Diane Pfeifer,¬†and Liz Spraggins just to name a few. T.J. has been blessed to have had three songs placed in two movies and has written with many great writers including Hall Of Famer Tom Douglas and the late hit writer/artist Alan O’Day.

T.J. says that his antenna is always alert for the next great hook!

Coming Down With Something

She’s Got The Stuff

Kissing Concrete

Miller’s Creek

Now We’re Gettin’ Somewhere

Good Girls

Son Always Shines

Everybody Here Loves Christmas

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