Mel Williams

Mel Williams

Mel Williams, born 1943, started out by singing in talent shows in England. At 16 he joined the merchant navy and went ashore whenever he could with his guitar to sing and play in any bar that would have him.

In 1961 Mel and brother Ron performed rock n roll and country music throughout the Middle East! Then, returning to Europe in ‘63, the brothers had hits in France and performed with Little Richard, Bill Haley, The Rolling Stones and Gene Vincent among others.

1965 found Mel working in top cabaret spots all over Europe and he even had a number one hit in Argentina “Raindrops are falling on my head”  – but sung in Spanish!

Eventually Spain’s Costa del Sol beckoned, with wife Sally, a farm, a house, 4 kids, 6 grand children a great grandson and at 72 still a full gig book, Mel is still singing and writing.

All Of My Heroes


These Hands

Out Of Sight And Out Of Mind

Just One More

Everybody’s Life Has An Angel

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  1. I worked with Mel Williams as an actor in 1994 in the musical “Don Zabatel”, performed in Fuengirola. He was the director as well as the composer of all the songs. I don’t remember any unpleasant words from him or a bad gesture for any of the actors. He had a great sense of humor and was a lovely person. I am very sad about his death. They say that people do not die while I am alive I remember her from him. He will always have a little corner in my heart. If anyone can reach his wife Sally, send her my condolences. Antonio Ricardo.

  2. Congrats Big Man So now that you are basically Irish I can buy you a Guiness to celebrate your achievment Well done Paul

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