Welcome to the Irish (and International) Songwriters Guild

The Irish music scene over the years has produced many top writers and classic songs. Although many of these have achieved notable success at home, beyond Irish borders they have so often had little or no exposure.

The Irish (and International) Songwriters Guild (also nicknamed The Songbank) believes that these writers deserve higher profile on the international stage and we hope to achieve this by showcasing the very best of Irish and international songwriting talent.

In addition to our full Members, we have a ‘Guest’ section where friends from around the musical world are joining us and an ‘Associate’ menu where we will be showcasing new songwriting talent.

The ISG is rapidly expanding and it is clear that we have keen international interest from songwriters, performers and publishers and so we have added an extra domain name. www.internationalsongwritersguild.com. This will, for the time being point to this existing site.

The ISG site and database is being updated regularly, for further information please send an email to the address below.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to the Irish (and International) Songwriters Guild

  1. Just relocated from Toronto (although I am an Irishman) and have been performing all over the world as a solo artist and for the past three years with my wife as ‘The Sweet Sorrows. I have worked with Buddy Miller, Phil Madeira, The Red Dirt Boys and a host of other writers and have some songs covered by Buddy & Julie Miller as well as working in the studio with all of the above and more. I have a huge back catalogue of songs but would love to base everything out of Ireland rather than traveling to Nashville etc. I have had a few songs on TV shows and independent movies but I am pursuing a way to get them out there in Ireland…can you help?

  2. I don’t have a website but if I need one I will get it. I have written my entire life and I’m not good at promotion. I love to write but hate the music business…I need to connect with someone who can help. If I’m not good enough I will get better. I have professional demoes done in Nashville. Just listen because I write from my heart,

    • Hi Patricia nice to hear about you r writing experience just one thing A Nashville Demo is not a must by any means, Its the song that counts Nashvillle is in quite a state at this time , Many mediocre songs are being recorded for radio and T V by mediocre Singers the likely hood of getting ripped off in Nashville is quite high Let me know if you have songs for pitching I would like to hear your stuff Peter Wood Jenkins P J Xanadu Music Publishing I am also sure the people ,that run this website have the contacts to do quality Demos

  3. Merry Christmas…. I have a singer Tim Dower, just came out with his new EP, “UNDER COMMAND” Contempory/Rock/Christian. Was wondering if you are interested in playing any of his songs? Thank you Sue Happy New Year

  4. As a Nashville songwriter/composer, I’ve had records by a few Irish Country Music Artists that I continue to be so proud of. Kieran McGilligan recorded and videoed :Left to Right or Right to Wrong” (a cover of a Faron Young record) and Sean McAloon’s latest album contains two of my songs. “The Tears in Mama’s Eyes” and “Why”. Jason McGilligan is currently looking at a few demos and I certainly hope he finds something he likes. They have each and all done superb jobs on the vocals and deliveries of my material. Bravo Boys! Great web site you have. Count me as a “watcher-reader” from here out.

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